When will I get paid for my job?

All jobs must be reviewed by our quality control team before the funds will be available. Usually this doesn't take long, but sometimes when we have a very high volume of jobs in the system, it can take a few days. Rest assured, we have a dedicated team that works day and night, seven days a week to get jobs reviewed as quickly as possible.

You can check the status of your job submission by going to "Statistics" in the app menu. After you've completed a job, you'll see one of these symbols next to it in your job history:

1. A gray question mark next to your job means it is still pending review.

2. A green check mark means your job was approved and any money earned from it is available to cash out. Great work!

3. A red X means your job was denied because something about it was incorrect or incomplete. If this happens, you will receive an email explaining why, so be sure to check the email associated with your Field Agent account.

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