When will my job be reviewed and paid?




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    Rich Finaldi

    I love this app , but it needs to get on par with other platforms such as survey payout apps , Instacart , door dash , etc

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    Christopher Rogers

    Loving the episode far, love that you're paying for Zendesk. Zend engine is a wonderful option as well , and I mean it's. It's all so great, but there's not so much as another language that I enjoy. Like you know PHP and it's been. It's been a long while ride but it's amazing that you made a the web application. I've been almost impossible for me to run the Android studio on any of my operating platforms, so I appreciate your efforts. I am wondering and hopefully you could reach out to me about this if you if you are a data to reseller and if you prefer excessive data or minimalistic. Thanks again Miss Wilson. Have a good evening or morning please

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