Scavenger hunts

Scavenger Hunts are a little different from most of our other jobs. You will be asked to find a specific product and provide us with very detailed photos of that product. For a typical Scavenger Hunt, you will be required to provide the item's UPC and several photos of its labels.

The job will probably provide a store name, but for Scavenger Hunts, the location is only a suggestion for where to start your search. They are not location-specific, which means they can be completed anywhere you find the requested product. This could be in the suggested store, a totally different store, or even in your home. We usually advise agents not to reserve Scavenger Hunts until they have found the requested product because if you reserve the job and then go searching for the product, time can run out and you may lose the job. These are nationwide jobs, so you may see jobs suggesting stores not in your area, but just because that store is not in your area doesn't mean the product is not.

Often, you will see a somewhat vague description of the product you're looking for, and we know that can be frustrating. We wish we could provide a more helpful description, but we don't know the exact product details either! That's the purpose of these jobs.

For the photos, our clients request that they be VERY CLEAR and allow us to read EVERY word on the label. If there's anything in the photos you provide that we cannot read due to blurriness, glare, etc., we'll have to deny the job. These jobs allow for multiple extra photos, so we advise always taking as many photos as possible to make absolutely sure everything is captured and clear.

Finally, note that these jobs require you to be 21 years old to complete. Your account will not allow you to see any of these jobs if you are under 21. 

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