Taking good photos

It's important to take quality photos that meet our clients' expectations. Because every job is reviewed before it is given to the client, it's possible for a job to be denied if it doesn't meet the requirements in the job instructions.

Here are some tips that will make sure your photos are approved:

1. Read and follow the instructions for each photo carefully. If the instructions say to capture an entire shelf section, make sure the whole section is visible in your photo. If they say not to cut off any products, make sure we can see every product on the shelf! Every job will be different, so make sure you read closely and follow all the requirements. Retake your photo before moving on if necessary.

2. Avoid obstructions in your photos like people, shopping carts, etc. If there's a display, pillar, or other permanent store object keeping you from taking a perfect shot, that's out of your control, so just do the best you can and we'll understand!

3. Hold your phone still to avoid blur, and make sure your fingers are not blocking the lens. Again, you can always retake the photo before moving forward if necessary.

4. Never skip a photo step! If the product or display you're looking for is not available, we'll provide alternate instructions. Whatever you do, don't leave a photo step blank, or the job will be incomplete and we won't be able to give it to the client for payment!

We hope these tips will help you take good photos in your jobs. If you're ever unsure about the requirements for any job, you can always contact us at with your questions, and we'll be happy to help!

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