Technical problems

Problems taking photos, uploading jobs, or other technical issues with the app can usually be traced to a handful of causes. If you run into any errors or glitches in the Field Agent app, please try the following:

1. First, you should make sure you have a strong internet connection whenever you are completing and uploading jobs. If the job location has wifi, we suggest you connect to that. Also, don't close the app until the job is entirely finished uploading.

2. Check your device's available storage space and clear your app cache. Problems taking and uploading photos can be caused by the app not having enough free space to work with.

3. Other glitches are often solved by closing out of the app and restarting it. Please be aware if you are logging out and back on you will lose any current reservations.

4. Close any other apps running in the background while completing Field Agent jobs.

5. If all else fails, try reinstalling the Field Agent app to fix any data that may have become corrupted. Be sure you do not have any current reservations before reinstalling the app or you will lose them.

We have found that these steps will solve most problems. If you're having technical problems, we ask that you try these steps first, and if the issue persists, let us know at

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