"Precision required" audits

Precision audits are similar to other audits, but they have stricter requirements and can be quite a bit more difficult. These clients have set very strict requirements, and we have to deny any photos that are not taken exactly the way the client has asked.

These are some of the typical requirements for precision audits. They may not all apply to every precision audit job, and there may be other special requirements, so check the instructions.


1. Don't cut off ANY products or parts of products in the section you are asked to capture. Some of our clients are especially picky about this, and we have to deny jobs if even part of a product on the shelf section is cut off.

2. Capture one 4-foot section in each photo. Make sure you show the entire 4-foot section and that each 4-foot section gets its own photo.

section_check.jpg     section_x.jpg

Look for the breaks between the shelves to identify the left and right edges of the section. Make sure your photo fully captures both edges of the section!

3. Make sure your photos are taken straight-on, not at an angle. Sometimes it will be difficult to get a photo that is straight on and shows the entire shelf section from top to bottom, especially if the aisles are very narrow. If the instructions say to take the photos "as straight on as possible," then it's OK to angle them slightly if absolutely necessary to not cut anything off, but don't angle them any more than you have to.

4. You might be required to take photos of the shelf sections in a certain order (usually left to right). This may not seem important, but our clients often want these images to be presentation-ready. If they are receiving thousands of photos from hundreds of stores, they can't rearrange them manually, so they are expecting the photos to come in exactly how they ask.

Some of our Agents enjoy these jobs and have gotten very good at them with practice, while others find them too strict and just avoid them. They tend to pay a little more than regular audits due to the challenge, so we encourage you to give them a try. Just be extra careful with your photos!

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