Bonus Opportunity Information

Hi Agents!  We have launched a new bonus program to help reward you for your continued hard work!

Read the information below to better understand how the program works. 

Note:  Only Approved responses from the jobs listed below will count toward a bonus. 

Start Date:  7/1/18 - We have to start somewhere.  Please know we appreciate all your prior work and have implemented this to better reward you moving forward.  Only approved responses from the qualifying jobs received on or after 7/1/18 will apply toward the bonus. 

End Date:  The bonus program will run indefinitely, so you can continue working toward your next bonus level month to month.  We will publish and let you know if we have a specific future end date.  

Qualifying Jobs:  

  • Walmart Customer Service Audits*
  • Walmart In-Store Pickup Surveys (Grocery & Non-Grocery)*
  • Walmart Grocery Delivery Surveys*
  • Qualifying jobs will be marked with an asterisk*

How to Qualify:  We have launched 2 different bonus type opportunities, read below for information on each. 

  1. Complete 1 of Each - Walmart Customer Service Audit & a Walmart Pickup Survey
    • $3 Bonus Pay
    • Limited 1-time opportunity
    • Qualify for this bonus by submitting and being approved for 1 Walmart Customer Service Audit and 1 Walmart Pickup Survey.
    • Both responses must be submitted and approved on or after 7/1/18.
  2. Do More, Make More!  Walmart Customer Service Audits & Walmart Pickup Surveys
    • Multiple-level bonus, each tier you reach will pay a different amount
    • All approved responses from any of the qualifying jobs above will count to this bonus.
    • All responses must have been received and approved on or after 7/1/18. 

Tracking your progress:  Track your progress by viewing the Bonus Opportunity display group, the job will tell you how many you have achieved toward the next bonus level. 

How to Receive Your Bonus:  Once you have had enough approved responses to qualify for the bonus, you will be able to reserve and submit the job under the Bonus Opportunity display group!  Your bonus job submission will be auto approved so you will be able to cash out immediately!

Do More, Make More!  Bonus Levels: (see above for qualifying jobs & response dates)

  • Approved for any 5        - $10 Bonus
  • Approved for any 10      - $20 Bonus
  • Approved for any 25      - $25 Bonus
  • Approved for any 50      - $25 Bonus
  • Approved for any 75      - $25 Bonus
  • Approved for any 100    - $50 Bonus

We appreciate our great Agents at Field Agent!  We hope you enjoy these new rewards!


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    Landon O'Leary

    Awesome bonus program guys! Appreciate the recognition for all the work! Thanks FieldAgent!!

  • 0

    Couple questions:

    1.  Dates:
    This says the start date is July 1, 2018. 
    Is there an end date?  If so, when is it?

    2.  Do more, make more bonus:
    When you compete 5 qualifying jobs, you earn a $10 bonus. 

    Then when you complete 10 qualifying jobs, do you receive an additional $20 bonus?  For a total of $30 in bonus for 15 qualifying jobs?

    Then when you have completed 25 qualifying jobs, do you receive an additional $25 bonus?  For a total of $55 in bonus for 40 qualifying jobs?

    Thank you for any clarification.

    Edited by TM
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    I have a question also about the bonus. If you complete 5 qualifying jobs, you cash out for the $10.00. Do you have to complete 10 qualifying jobs afterwards (total now 15) to be able to cash out for the additional $20.00 or can you just do 5 additional jobs to reach 10 jobs and cash out again for $20.00? Maybe more clear, if we cash out at 5 qualifying jobs, does the counter fall back to zero? Thanks for the response.

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