This forum is for Agents interested in completing the Entrance Door and Scanner Audit. We hope this forum is a great resource for agents to be successful. Ask questions and help others. As always, please be kind.




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    Field Agent 4

    Hey Christine!

    We have checked the link and it appears to be working.  We placed a link at the beginning of this forum as well for your convenience.

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    Field Agent 4

    Hey Tracy!  You should be able to reserve up to 5 jobs and possibly more in some areas. Be sure you reserve the job before you go to ensure it is yours to complete. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the time clock.  Have fun!

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    Field Agent 4 (Edited )

    Hey Agents! Thanks for all your hard work on these Entrance Audits!  We have come up with a list of hints to help you be successful:

     Link to Letter of Authorization:

    Letter of Authorization

    Store Address:

    Go to the address given - do not go to another store you think we may need. If the correct store is not there you will have the opportunity to tell us that and send a photo within the job.

    Entrance Doors:

    We are looking for doors that open directly into the store. Some Dollar Generals will have a set of doors that open into a small lobby where shopping carts may be stored. Then there will be another set of doors that open up directly into the store. We are ONLY interested in the set that opens into the store. Some locations may have 2 entrance doors into the store (maybe a bigger sized store), we need to see both sets that open directly into the store. This would be two entrances.


    Take the straight on photo capturing the entire set of entrance doors from the INSIDE of the store. The first photo should be the only photo taken outside the store.

    Follow all instructions and help images. On the photos of the left and right of the doors be sure we can see the door frame in each photo just like the help images.

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    Christine Kubert

    Can someone please check the link to the Letter of Authorization because I can't seem to get the link to work.  This is the address that is attached to that link



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    Phillip Mark Wilson

    What if they already have this

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    Tracy Halman

    Can I do all Dollar Generals on the list in my area?

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