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Field Agent is required to file a 1099-MISC form for any Agents making at least $600 in a year. If it starts to look like you'll hit $600 for the year, you'll automatically receive an email and a special job asking you to fill out and return a W-9 form to us. We'll need this to file your 1099-MISC. It's important to get this form to us soon after it is requested, because if your earnings get too close to $600 and we haven't received your W-9, you won't be allowed to keep doing jobs.

If you don't earn at least $600 in the year, we don't require a W-9 from you and you won't receive a 1099-MISC. Also, keep in mind that the only data we store on your past jobs is your transaction history, which includes the job names and payment amounts. If you need information on your past job locations, distances traveled, etc. for your records, you will need to keep track of this yourself.

Additional information on these tax forms and how to fill them out can be found at

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