Will a canceled or expired job negatively impact my Agent Score or statistics?




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    Permanently deleted user

    Ruth stopped my account but they don't have the products at the stores and I was keep going store but they keep send to store but they are doing it because covid 19 and because special needs thanks miles young
    Please restate me

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    What if I can't capture an entire section in one photo?

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    Jennifer Haney

    I just opened my field agent account and haven't completed any jobs yet. I was looking at jobs close to my area and there were many the first two days. I reserved a couple but cancelled them before the allotted time. My agent score went from 85 to 42?? And since then (2days ago) there have been zero jobs available to me...even with expanding my search area to 25 miles from my location...HELP! I downloaded this app bc I'm in desperate need of money ak this is not what I was expected to happen. Very disappointed

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