How does the Agent Score work?

The formula for the Agent score system is:


85 + Completed Jobs - (Accepted - Completed) = Agent Score


85 + Completed Jobs - Denied Jobs = Agent Score


Number of Jobs ACCEPTED: This number includes EVERY job (except Ticket jobs) you have ever accepted, whether you completed it successfully or not. This is the total number of jobs you have ever RESERVED in your time with Field Agent™. If you have further questions on what this number consists of, let us know. This is vital to understanding your stats!

Number of jobs COMPLETED: This number includes all of the jobs you submitted and were APPROVED (again, not counting Ticket jobs). This number does not include any jobs you completed that were denied.

Number of jobs DENIED: This number includes any jobs that you attempted but were denied payment.

NOTE: Screener jobs do not count toward your Agent score.

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