What if I am approached by an employee?




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    Jordan K

    What's hard about these is its not always photos. Some of them require a tape measure or other equipment, and that's a lot more obvious. If the client wants to be discreet, they should ask for discreet methods. If the employees don't realize I'm there for an audit, it wouldn't hurt to find out after they question me. Even if i tell them I'm there for an audit, I've already started taking pictures, and then maybe they'll be more vigile in the future which will make the client happy right? It makes sense on most of the stuff, but measuring tape audits and alike make us stand out way more than just pictures.

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    Amanda Keeney

    I agree 100%..And leaving us with no options to explain why we are there is really rather upsetting..There are other apps that give you letter of authorization to be on the premises to do the task we are being asked to do..Some of us live in small communities so it's really hard to go back to these stores after we have been asked to leave

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